Over the last few weeks I have been updating my vinyl collection with some classics that I have found. So if you were wondering what I’ve been listening to lately, here are my latest purchases. 

White Denim - Street Joy

Queen’s Birthday Adventure

A long weekend for me is best spent with family. (Which is funny as I have no pictures of them up yet - I’m not the best at taking pictures of people - but I’m sure I’ll post some later this week) I am currently living with my parent’s at the house that is very much the heart of our family. Normally for Christmas and Easter and other public holidays it is an excuse for us to all catch up and spend some quality time with the growing and ever changing Hermann’s. This weekend was no exception. Both of my older sisters and my two nephews spent Saturday raiding the pantry, napping in the afternoon, solving crosswords along with other comforts and traditions that  the home base provides.

This time my brother (Eldest of the siblings) and sister in law, as well as her best friend (+husband, baby and brother) had organised a holiday in a cottage at a little township called Rangataua just past Oakune. I decided that I would go on a little adventure of my own to spend a night there with them. 

I guess I took the craziest back road possible as I found myself in the middle of the bush, spending about a third of my time on a windy gravel road. I felt like a rally driver as I dodged potholes and livestock. I still cant get over the rolling hills and autumn colours, it gets dangerous as I find myself often gazing into the distance and not paying attention to the road.

I  reached the cottage welcomed by friendly faces and a warm fire and a stunning view of Mount Ruapehu. Then came relax mode. The rest of the day was spent reading, playing boardgames and dining on a great big roast dinner. This morning I got up early went for a mountain bike with my brother around a nearby lake. The winter sun thawed out the frost covered fields and helped us face the brisk temperatures. The views made it all worth it. 

After cleaning up the cottage we parted ways and I travelled the windy road back. So yes, that was my weekend. It probably doesn’t sound that exciting to you guys, but for me it is pretty special. 



natsuki and i had a cup of tea with some new friends in adelaide recently, then they filmed this little video for us :) 

stu larsen & natsuki kurai - this train

check out more of dan & anna’s work over at vimeo :) 

ps. happy birthday Donovan Leitch